Mutsu A-Ko


the more I think about it, the more I realize that 2009 me would be pretty scared/intimidated by 2014 me and that’s what counts


"Boardroom Blitz", Vogue Australia, May 1995Photographer: Nicholas SamartisModel: Sarah O’Hare
  • if you're really good at nothing clap your hands ♪
  • *clap clap*

Tokatti is me

Kazuo Yamamoto 1983

"Les Vestes de L’hiver", L’Officiel France, late 80sPhotographer: Pasquale AbbattistaModel: Sandra Zatezalo




imagine your OTP just sleeping in the same bed.

no kissing, no sex, no words.

Just the sound of their relaxed breaths and just the slight touch of their hands, feeling so warm and safe sleeping next to the one they love..

Imagine that.

Now imagine that one of them snores

And the eyes of the other pops open thinking crap I’m sleeping with this thing

Anonyme a demandé: Oh gosh! That was meant to be anon!

i didn’t get how you wanted me to respond so i just kept you anon if that’s ok with you…

i’m not the biggest shonentai here, but i do admit watching a l o t their stuff haha.

i like kacchan more because he seems so vulnerable like a little lamb lmao even though he’s not as good as dancing as the other two, he always do his best. basically the best definition of an idol (although his singing and overall cuteness were not average)

higashi is kind of like tosh….although that’s all a cover because he’s not nearly as narcissic. his voice during their golden years was very weak. he really improved since then (if you watch recent playzones). i already said this somewhere but he’s the most popular now only because he aged well.

nicky…if i wasn’t such a sucker for fragile flawfull men i would spend my time gushing over him. along with hiromi, nicky have this beautiful voice few johnnys had. idek, playful boys will always be my favorite