I’m not going to dress down to avoid the stares, then they’re changing you. I’d rather be a bit uncomfortable and be myself.

— Siouxsie Sioux (via journal-for-sean-lovers)



Where Are They Now?: Tumblr Edition!!
•Peyton and the Fluffy Chicken
•The Entire Onceler Fandom

Still in Kansas. I bought my own house a few days ago and I’m still getting settled in.

i was sad because i had no idea of what nami (naoko though) was doing and the thought of her being a bored housewife with the talent she has gave me nightmares so i looked her up and she now performs monthly in a jazz cafe :3

fun facts about my dad : his fave movie and tv show are sabrina the teenage witch and legally blonde


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This post brought to you by hair.

Nam June PaikVideo Fish, 1975 (1977 version)Three-channel video installation with aquariums, water, live fish, and variable number of monitors; color, silent; dimensions vary with installation. Centre Georges Pompidou, Musee national d’art moderne, Paris. Installation view at Documenta 6, Kassel, June 24—October 2, 1977. Photo by Friederich Rosenstiel.


"i hate the steal her look meme its not funny"

so why u 1. have bad taste 2. hate fun?